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Get Your Automotive Marketing on Steroids!

If you want to get different results, then you need to perform different actions.

That’s obvious, yet so many people get bogged down in sales and marketing habits that effect no change. In the automotive industry, that often means taking approaches to marketing that have been done since the Model -T was built.

How we marketed 100 years ago isn’t effective today. Neither are most of the 50 year old marketing tactics dealerships rely on for conquesting and loyalty business. It’s time to think and act differently!

Much has changed in the world of the consumer and much has changed in the automotive world as well. This is your opportunity to leverage the power of digital information. Understanding your customers’ needs, habits and desires is easier than ever, but many automotive dealerships have yet to catch up with the availability of information and the tactics we can use to maximize our opportunities to prime customers for purchase.

Data, data, data!

Do you know which lead sources provide the best quality leads for you? How many times do you contact a lead before you give up? How many warm leads get wasted because of lack of follow up? If your dealership is like most, you probably don’t want to talk about it.

No worries. It’s better to move forward than to focus on all the short comings of your current sales and marketing practices. Let’s start by exploring the benefits of using a multi-pronged approach to marketing, and the benefits of data collection!

Relying on one type of marketing to grow your business is no longer a viable option.

The way we communicate and make purchases has evolved, so it follows that our marketing processes must also evolve.

43% of new car buyers are between the age of 25 and 54. This is new car, not used car. If you are selling used cars, you can expand that demographic to include younger drivers. The point of the statistic, however, is to point out that most of your customers are looking to social media and web searches to get information about their vehicles. They aren’t just going to your website. They are listening to what their peer group has to say about all sorts of things, including their vehicle purchase.

People between the ages of 25 and 54 use Facebook and Instagram to update everyone they know about changes in their lives, including where and when they buy a car, and which car they bought. They post pictures of their new vehicles, they tell people when their car breaks down and what the service was like when they got it fixed.

Knowing this, it should now be painfully obvious that your marketing needs to have a digital component. One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing, is that it provides you with the opportunity to collect an enormous amount of customized data.

Social media can be used to retarget your leads and also to attract new leads. You can run promotions and events, start groups and engage with your audience in multiple ways. If you do it thoroughly, you can use the whole marketing process to learn more and more about your customers. And then, you will be able to convert more leads into happy customers who give you referrals and return to you every few years.

RMN Marketing has several comprehensive marketing programs give you critical information about your customers, your lead sources, and more. We maximize your conquesting and loyalty marketing efforts by priming leads for purchase. Whether they book an appointment, walk in or call in, they’ll be ready to make a deal. When your customers are primed for purchase, your sales team is set up for success.

We’ve had some amazing results with our pilot of the Effective Selling Program. We combined multiple tactics to get automotive dealerships the best leads possible, and it worked! We were also able to provide them with valuable data that showed them which lead sources provided the best ROI. As a result they are now marketing more strategically and saving money too. If you’d like to hear about those results and learn more about how the program works, just reach out.

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