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Embracing The Value Mindset

"Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value."-- Albert Einstein

A value mindset is a service mindset that focuses on bringing value to every part of your day. It is about the attitude you take to work, the way you interact with your co-workers and customers and the way you live and interact with everyone who comes into your experience.

People with a value mindset focus on ways they can make a positive difference. It manifests as kindness, helpfulness and patience. It involves being proactive, enthusiastic, and being willing to share your knowledge and expertise with people who could benefit from it.

The value mindset is more elevated than a customer service mindset. It is about far more than going the extra mile out of a sense of duty. It is about accessing your higher self to find ways to make a difference wherever and whenever you can.

One of the many benefits of the value mindset is that it stirs up creative thinking. Every time you think outside the box to help solve a problem that affects others, you are bringing value.

Whenever you provide assistance without conditions or expectations, you are providing value.

Removing the need for reciprocation makes the value you bring even more powerful.

Doing a favor for someone just because you can is more than just a nice thing to do. Giving because you find pleasure in it increases your sense of self worth and elevates your reputation in the eyes of others. A value mindset helps others grow and in the process you grow with them.

Leverage the value mindset to sell more cars and instill loyalty.

Every seasoned salesperson knows you should never look hungry or desperate in front of your prospects. They will sense your desperate energy and disappear. Taking the value approach to sales, on the other hand, will inevitably allow you to close more sales. The trick is to not need the sale, even if you really want it. Find joy in being a valuable resource to your customers and they will trust you. Trust sells cars and builds loyalty.

The more value you bring to a customer, without conditions or expectations, the more you will find yourself in a position of preference. If they leave your dealership they will return later and they’ll want to talk to you again because you were the one who was so wonderfully kind and helpful. With no expectation to receive anything in return from them, you naturally draw them back to you.

Yes, make sure they have your business card and follow up with them as all good salespeople do, but do it with a value mindset. You will also need to ask important sales questions and ask for the sale, but your value mindset eliminates many barriers to your closing.

As a sales professional, embracing the value mindset means asking questions to uncover where you can provide the most value for your customer. Find out what is important to them and why it matters. Your value proposition should be centered around meeting those expectations and desires.

From a leadership perspective, embracing the value mindset means being a shining example of someone whose greatest desire is to bring value to every situation. It is teaching, coaching and mentoring. It is big picture thinking with the intention to bring value at the core of everything you do. It is asking how you can bring value to your people, organization and customers.

Having a value mindset means not engaging in activities and conversations that don’t create value. No idyll texting during your workday. No company gossip or back stabbing annoying customers. The value mindset is about always paying attention to opportunities to bring value and following through.

Consider the value mindset a catalyst for positive change.

Great things happen when everyone works together to create value. Imagine the growth and power of an organization on a mission to only create value. Your corporate reputation as a supplier of goods and services would soar far above your competition. Also your reputation as an employer would cause you to attract the finest talent. Let’s face it. Everyone wants to work with and do business with the best. Embracing a value mindset opens the door to greater achievement.

No need to think small. Take the value mindset into the world around you and encourage others to do the same. Ultimately, larger groups of people will be able to offset the effect of those who don’t bring value and the world becomes a better place.

We hope you find all of our blogs and marketing services valuable. At RMN, we strive daily to create true value for our clients and colleagues.

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