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What is Success?

An automotive sales professional recently asked me if I knew the key to success. I replied that I did and that in my mind, 99.9% of success is mindset. Oddly, he disagreed with me and said that success was sales. I didn’t want to get into a battle of wits with him, but I think in this case, the measurement for success really depends on what you are measuring. Does that make sense?

Does money make you successful? Do possessions make you successful? Maybe, but I think you must be happy with the accomplishment in order to really feel successful. You should also want to be in a better place than you are. In my mind, your physical reality is less important than the feeling you have about your circumstances.

So, if success is a mindset based on how you feel, is failure the same? I would say so. I think many people view their struggles in life as an indication of failure, but our struggles serve to bring us clarity about what we want and how to do things. Our failings provide us with rich information about life. Our failings direct us, drive us, and stop us if we let them.

I prefer to think of success as being pleased with an outcome long enough to want something more. Failure is very similar to success if you look at it that way. Failure is your leverage point. It is the beginning of your becoming more just as your successes are.

Courage is the mother of success and failure is the grandmother. We are not brought into this world 100% ready for life. If you think about it, we are never really ready for what life throws at us. There is always something new. There is always something more to want and there is always room for improvement. We never fully arrive. The world we live in is constantly evolving.

In your business life, this is especially apparent. There is always a competitor lurking somewhere. We always experience unexpected things that shift the market and change the buying preferences of our customers. We must constantly pay attention and adapt to the world around us. Your willingness to do so is what allows you to be successful.

At RMN Marketing we have been developing and implementing comprehensive marketing programs to help our clients adapt to changes in the market. Our success with these programs is because we have assembled a team of people who are adaptable and eager to do things better every day. That mindset is the perfect foundation for success. Are we satisfied with maintaining the status quo? Never!

We’ve expanded our offering to include digital marketing and are now and using data to drive customers to our clients who are primed and ready to buy. What a difference that makes for our customers!

The team at RMN and our clients all know that success will never happen in the absence of flexibility. Being willing to try something new and do what others don’t do is the only way to secure more sales and grow your business.

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