Our work is to make sure your conquests are easy to convert.

The decision to purchase an automobile takes an average of 67 days to come to fruition. Our marketing programs are designed to keep buyers interested and engaged throughout the buying cycle.

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Business Development Calls

Never lose the opportunity to retain your customers. We have a call centre right in our office dedicated to getting your customers excited to see you again. We love helping you retain your customers.

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Effective Selling Program


Don’t you just want to sell cars? We take the pain out of the sales process by retargeting your conquests and delivering them to you when they are ready to make a purchase. Now that’s how you sell a car!

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If you really want to catapult your sales, try our Total REACH program. 

REACH is an acronym that stands for the following:

R= Retargeting, redirecting and retaining

E= Engagement

A= Advertising and Attraction

C= Calls to action and Conquest leads

H= Helpful Content

Total Reach is an elite program that encompasses everything we do, plus has a small PR component. Don't manage your reputation. Create it!

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Street Intelligence

At RMN, we love finding conquests for you and sending them directly to your dealership. Street Intelligence is a unique program that helps you extend your reach in ways you never thought of!

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Car Giveaway Program

Giving away cars is our specialty, and it doesn’t cost you a dime! We leverage the power of a big prize to help you get more buyers into your dealership.


Your Event in a Box

Whether you are after conquest business or loyalty business, we can help you. Everything you need to run an event comes in a box.! Customize your event and stay organized. We can help with all of your print and digital needs, BDC calls, SMS reminders  and more!