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Mastering Conquest Marketing: How to Outpace Competitors and Boost Your Dealership's Sales This Spring

We've previously touched on conquest marketing in our last email, and it's likely we’ll keep circling back to it until its importance fully resonates with you. Let’s frame it in a scenario that might hit closer to home. Imagine running a dealership located in the thick of a bustling dealership strip, where competition for the same customer base is fierce. You’re all aiming to be the top-of-mind choice for individuals looking to buy or lease a new or used vehicle. Sounds familiar? Great, let’s move forward.

As time progresses, you might notice a slight downturn in business, while paradoxically, fresh cars are being driven off your competitors' lots. Trying to dismiss it, you carry on, only to be confronted by advertisements on your social media during lunch; one competitor is giving away a car, another is offering $2,000 cash back. Despite trying to ignore it, these offers linger in your mind. After a day’s work, you check your mailbox, only to find flyers from these same competitors, echoing the offers you saw online. It’s then you realize, this isn’t coincidence; it’s the art of conquest marketing at work.

Spring brings with it not just a change in weather but also abundant opportunities to elevate your dealership's sales and expand your customer base. And the strategy at the forefront? Conquest marketing. This isn’t about merely keeping pace in the automotive sector; it’s about strategically outmaneuvering your competitors to capture their customers.

Demystifying Conquest Marketing: Simply put, conquest marketing targets individuals currently engaged with competitor brands, persuading them to consider your dealership instead. This strategy is incredibly valuable in the automotive industry, where customer loyalty is hard-won.

Leveraging Conquest Marketing This Spring:

Here’s how conquest marketing can work wonders for you:

- Widen Your Customer Circle: By appealing to customers of rival dealerships, you not only bring new buyers to your doorstep but also carve out a larger market share for yourself.


- Sales Lift: Attracting customers from the competition can lead to a direct increase in sales, given these are individuals already in the market for a vehicle.


- Elevate Brand Awareness: Your conquest marketing endeavors can introduce your dealership to potential customers who might not have previously considered your brand, fostering future sales and referrals.

The Benefit of a Varied Approach: Adopting a varied strategy in conquest marketing ensures you’re engaging potential customers across different mediums. Employing a blend of direct mail, social media ads, and email marketing can significantly enhance your reach and solidify your dealership's presence.

Capitalizing on Holiday Seasons: Holidays present prime opportunities to engage with customers and boost sales. By incorporating seasonal promotions and themed campaigns into your conquest marketing strategy, you can attract attention from consumers in a buying mindset, distinguishing your dealership from competitors and drawing in new clientele.

In the quest for customer loyalty, surpassing your competitors isn’t just advisable; it’s essential. RMN provides the tools you need to identify, attract, and convert prospects with unparalleled precision, offering a decisive advantage in the competitive automotive landscape.

Why settle for second best when you can lead the pack? Let’s work together to elevate your brand and propel your dealership to new heights this spring.

In summary, conquest marketing serves as a potent strategy that can significantly enhance your dealership's revenue, customer base, and brand visibility this spring. By adopting a multi-faceted approach and making the most of holiday marketing opportunities, you can maximize your conquest marketing efforts and ensure success for your dealership.

Are you ready to step up your dealership game and take advantage of the spring season’s offerings? Reach out to learn how conquest marketing can benefit your business.

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